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Visualize meeting data and track impact on productivity and wellbeing.

Connects with popular voice and video platforms.

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Why visualize meeting data?

Your meeting platform tracks a bunch of meeting metrics, but does not offer a simple way to get a sense of their impact. Meeting info lets you transform the raw data into intelligence of how meetings impact the days and minds of your teams.


You'll get a clear view of your meeting habits compared to benchmarks. Our intelligent metrics help you find balance between meeting time and deep work time.


Group meetings, stand-ups, 1:1s, all kinds of meeting. You have new, increased visibility on team behavior, productivity and morale to support your teams needs and goals.


Our dashboard gives you a birds eye view of the whole organization. Keep a finger on the pulse of employee wellbeing, disengagement and behavior post physical distancing.

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Meeting Recovery Syndrome

The primary goal of better meeting experiences is to avoid (post) meeting disengagement and fatigue. Meetings sap stamina if they last too long, fail to engage employees or turn into one-sided lectures.

Researchers postulate it can take 45 mins to recover focus and energy after a meeting for the next task at hand. And even more when meetings are separated by 30 mins or less.

Becoming aware of these markers and their impact helps create tangible value in the work day life of your people.

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Work-life imbalance

Remote working can lead to changes in work-life balance. From starting earlier, to meeting after working hours, normal boundaries can disappear when we go virtual.

If somebody has a mandatory day off, do they show up for meetings because they might feel some pressure because “it’s just a catch up online” even though they don’t have to?

How can leaders help maintain a healthy balance, is a question deserving attention. Learn if an imbalance is manifesting so you can correct it.

Affordable plans for your organization.


  • - Start building awareness re: your meeting experiences and their impact on team wellbeing.
  • - Ideal for a Small Enterprise Owner or single HR manager.


  • - With some meeting experience data in place, you’re ready to start creating a more engaged meeting culture through the meeting dashboard.
  • - Ideal for small HR teams and cross functional team managers.


  • - With strong performance and wellbeing programs in place, HR teams at this stage want organisation wide data to help make informed wellbeing decisions.
  • - Ideal for more advanced HR teams.